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Our uniqueness is shaped by a return to timeless vision, where the classic eyewear references meets the contemporary interpreted through aesthetic visual language. We focus on avant-garde essentials. 


From simple and at the same time ingenious lines that only a complex city full of creative movements like Milan can inspire. Strong, decisive lines, the exaltation of shapes with thicknesses, a fresh design to excite lovers of beauty.


Seductive, tenacious, heterogeneous, futuristic, fast. Milan is a hub of ideas, creativity, connections. Cradle of innovation, intertwining, stories. Milan is poetry, and it is our place.


Recognisable by its uncompromising approach to design, udm combines timeless references with a contemporary aesthetic. 

Between clean silhouettes and chunky frames, using plays of color, light and crystal shades, without ever overshadowing functional lightness.


Udm’s glasses are entirely designed in Italy and crafted by the wise hands of skilled artisans. 

The production cycle reflects the philosophy of the brand, empowering a new cultural positioning based on timeless love for design craftsmen, artists and nature.


UDM unique design milano is a result of many conversations about fashion, design, and cultural roots. Founded in Italy in 2018 by Stefano Romanelli and Mattia Colleoni, is one of the most ambitious brand names of the italian acetate eyewear, from optical to sunglasses collections. The idea was inspired by the family interior design company of one of the founders, established in the late 60’s and specialized in eclectic furnishings and lighting fittings created with materials sourced overseas, especially with italian marble, glass and textiles. The brand reflects the dna of the family, eternal globe trotters in love with the techniques of design and the evolution of details. UDM’s frames combine outstanding craftsmanship with advanced production methods, embracing an array of rich materials, bold geometric shapes, and an exuberance of attitude. Eclectic and irreverent, with cutting edge frames.

A brand that highlights a strong passion for art and design, and translates excellence through passion.