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Marvelous hidden spaces

A Journey to discover the city. Milan’s marvelous secret is that the city’s most enchanting spaces are hidden from view: in courtyards, behind walls, or just inside the doorway of an anonymous apartment building and sober facades.

The 1920s and 1930s, a fantastic, sparkling era,the Milanese 20th century and its expanding world; the gleam of life that flows through the city also enters homes, which become a stage for worldliness and sociability.

This is how Milan surprises us with sumptuous and lively entrances that fascinate us with their diversity and splendor.

Stunning examples of Italian modernism, mediating public and private space with architectural configurations of colors and shapes, from stone floors to murals of minimalist geometry. From Gio Ponti to Piero Portaluppi, it is here that we find the signatures of these grand entrances, staircases, and gates, which we will accompany you to discover.


Image: 1930 Piero Portaluppi, Massimo De Carlo Gallery

17 May, 2022