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Homage to Pablo Picasso

Perspectives, plays of volume and pop colours

From Velasquez to Picasso, a reflection on the role of the artist.
A distorted reinterpretation of the work, by a Picasso in his Cubist era of 1957.

The direction of the composition, originally vertical, is first replaced by horizontal and the figure that stands out most in terms of size and position becomes that of the painter, symbolising that he is the most important element in the whole creation. Each figure is represented from every angle and perspective is constructed by the interlocking of figures through the juxtaposition of flat representations and figures with volume. 
In Picasso’s work we also see the reduction of colour to monochrome, only to be reaffirmed as the protagonist in other versions, where it also appears in very bright tones.

28 march, 2022