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Alteration of spaces

How a sculpture can alter the space we live, and change our perception

Richard Serra is an American artist known since the early 70s for his large-scale sculptures created for specific spaces and with metal leaves.

Particularly known for his monumental arches, spirals, and ellipses, which engage the viewer in an altered experience of space.
The artist intentionally arranges the works to create environments with different effects depending on the movements and perception of the visitor.

One of his most famous installations, “Inside Out”, is a public installation that produces feelings in the visitor.
Pain, joy, agitation, or emptiness are possible feelings generated when entering these spaces. These experiences are subjective, as they occur spontaneously in a silent, intimate dialogue with the artwork.

In the “40 Balls” exhibition at @CardiGallery in Milan, the artist has been using a stick of black paint, making these works an integral part of that study of of time, materiality, and process that are characteristic of his sculptural practice.

Richard Serra’s drawings are works in their own right, each with a singular character and energy, resistant to any metaphorical or emotional association.

5 april, 2022