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Inspired by the pastel colors of the Italian Riviera and the postmodern aesthetics of the Memphis group, Pietro opened Pietro Nolita in NYC’s Nolita neighborhood in 2016. Pietro Nolita is a little Italian restaurant that offers an authentic, healthy menu created by Pietro’s mother and grandmother, both of whom live in Milan.



Calibre mm 50

Bridge mm 20

Temple mm 145

During the creative branding process, Pietro decided to embrace his favorite color and go full-on pink. When he saw the first coat of paint on his restaurant’s walls, he said, “Wow! It’s PINK AS FUCK!” and a motto was born. Soon afterwards, Pietro created a logo and began printing it on t-shirts and hats that he made available for purchase at the restaurant, where they promptly sold out. 

After significant demand, Pietro felt the urge to expand and spread his love for pink and joy around even more. To Pietro, pink represents many things, but above all he views the hue as a tribute to his mom and a token of appreciation to all the women who work hard, raise humans… and run the world! To him, pink means love and care – concepts that have nothing to do with gender stereotypes, but rather belong to every human being.

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